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Pressurized Equipment: For cleaning and preparation of different surfaces all work in commercial and industrial.

Team of Suction: They are designed to light work of blowoff. Among the most common applications for teams suction found housekeeping of layers of paint in metals, glass etching, to provide finishing antique in wooden furniture and in cleaning plastics, among others.

Cabins: They can make artwork, customizers, advertising or promotional items, etch glass, ceramics, tile, tile, marble, tile, acrylic, wood avejentar, satin metal, etc..

SANDBLAST NEBULIZER HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT FOR WET (WET-BLAST) technique is a mixer and Applicator System Design Hydraulic with Portable or Fixed Container with Steel Tank subject to Pressure, Low C-40 and / or High C-80, normed Under ASME / ASRAE, Hydraulic Generation destined Spray as Hydroneumatic Auxiliary Equipment Application Abrasive jet Dry or Barren (sandblast) and therefore its function is intended for the partial or total removal of the dust generated by the system, Converting Abrasive jet Wet (​​Wet-Blast) Including Internal Shaker design to homogenize, Stabilize and / or necessary Mix Additives to Avoid Accelerated Corrosion Steel Corrosion Protection Prior to Receiving Permanent or to protect and / or Inhibit Preparation ephemerally Superficial or Apply Water Based Coatings to Concrete, Stony Fronts, Artificial or Natural Apparent or No.

SODA BLAST EQUIPMENT: Tank Sand Blast type portable pressurized for Sodium Bicarbonate application.

PAINT EQUIPMENT: Distributors of the best score.

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