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What is Sand Blast?
The word Sand Blast in the English word means pressure Arena.
A launching system is based on compressed air pressure through a nozzle, which need not necessarily be functioning sand can be any abrasive material consists of cleaning a surface such as glass, marble, ceramic, tile, tile, acrylic, wood, carbon and stainless steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, copper, concrete etc., in some cases preparing them for the application of a coating.
To carry out this process based on customer needs in terms of workload and performance required of equipment there are various systems:

System pressure and suction system arid or wet mixed with water and corrosion inhibitor, or by dropping centrifugal blasters like machines.

Uses and applications:
Here are some recommendations for uses and applications of Sand Blast:

Remove paint and other finishes.
Grinding glass and acrylic.
Refine nonferrous metals.
Polish opaque materials.
Clean permanent mold casting.
Welding remove impurities.
Making artwork on different surfaces.
Record promotional items (cups, glasses, ashtrays, etc..)
Remove concrete slabs.
Remove rust and impurities.
Give finishes in wood, steel, resin, plastic, etc..
Burn glass and ceramics.
Concrete grout removal.
Cleaning brick and stone walls.
Removal of graffiti.
Removing heat treated flake. (Pickling)
Removal and / or captured tool marks.
Cleaning of metal structures.
Preparation of materials for application of coatings, among others.
Our equipment is used in different productive sectors, which include:
Textile Industry
Chemical Industry
Metallurgical Industry
Automotive Industry
Oil Plants
Glass engraving and promotional products
Construction Industry, among other
We have different models of sand blast equipment, so you should consider several factors before choosing any of them, so you can get the most efficiency and production.

Grados de Sand Blast

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